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Catalogul documentelor lui Grigore I Ghica aflate în colecţiile Muzeului Municipiului Bucureşti

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Excerpt From the times of the two reigns of Grigore I Ghica, ruler of Walachia (1st Sept. 1660-d. 27th Nov. 1664 and approx. 12th Febr.-Nov. 1673), the Municipal Museum
of Bucharest Documents collection preserves 47 papers issued on paper or perchment (5 doc.), of which some are accompanied by Romanian or modern copies. Most of them deal with the selling or buying of lands, estates, mill fords, but also with some ruler`s orders or
confirmations a s.o. As usual, most of the transactions are concluded by men, but there are also a few women selling by themselves or together with their husbands, or buying by themselves, or having their wealth confirmed by the head of the state. The documents authentification was made by applying the ruler`s seal or the ring seals belonging to various witness boyars, in black ash or ink, or by the digital imprints of those perfecting the commercial deals.
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  • Bucureşti - Materiale de Istorie şi Muzeografie; XXX; anul 2016
    • Bucureşti - Materiale de Istorie şi Muzeografie; XXX; anul 2016
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