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Degradări şi modalităţi de curăţare a pergamentelor

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Excerpt Parchment is an organic material famous for its resistance in time. Yet, it is sensible to nocive ambiental effects which generate irreversible chemical reactions. Temperatures over 30 degrees Celsius, long lasting humidity or water solutions with a pH lower than 3 may cause important degradations such as parchment ondulation, esistance weakening, fragilization or gelification. Dry or semi-dry cleaning can be performed when the perchment preserves its integrity and aftser having fixed the inks or pigments soluble în case of a semi-humid treatment.
Among the cleaning methods – NaCMC, a „Washing solution” (produced by the Leather – Footwear Research Institute (Institutul de cercetare pielărie – încălţăminte ICPI) based on a tensioactive nonionogenous agent and izopropilic alcohol, water solution with Vulpex for the removal of difficult stains a s. o. Whitening of the pearchment is not recommendable.
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    • Bucureşti - Materiale de Istorie şi Muzeografie; anul 2017
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