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Ridicarea Mănăstirii Mihai Vodă: între legendă şi realitate

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Excerpt The name of Michael the Brave is linked to the only monastery that he built in the city of Bucharest. The legend, in all its versions, presents that the future prince Michael the Brave, suspected to be ,,royalty”, and implicitly, to be a future candidate for the Alexander
the Evil’s throne, is condemned to death, by Alexander. On the way to the place of execution, Michael passes by the White Church from Postavari, also named Ghiorma’s Church or Caplea’s Church, dedicated to Saint Nicholas, where he is praying, promising that if he escapes from
death, he will raise a religious settlement that will have the same spiritual patron.
To support this legend comes the information from the book of Patriarch of Constantinople Jeremiah the IInd, from October 1591. The act reminds that the patriarch,
who was visiting Bucharest, saw that Caplea’s Church, located on the shore of Dâmboviţa a river, although it was a rich church, it had a huge drawback, being exposed to the frequent floods. Those times the place hade became swampy, causing illnesses, and the monks could no longer live there. In this context, a solution had to be found, and that was to elevate
another church, fact authorized even by Patriarch Jeremiah the IInd. The one who was going to build this church was Michael who at that time was surrogate of Craiova’s Ban. Thus, the future Michael the Brave’s Monastery was elevated, and it also included hermitages for the monks who came to settle there, having a well-established role in the patriarch’s acta, that is
to serve God, to keep, to care for and to increase the wealth of the monastery.
The same document is important also because it reminds of a custom of the time, namely the act of dedicating a new monastery from the Romanian space to a monastery from Mount Athos. Thus, Michael the Brave’s monastery became the metoh of Simonopetra,
and all the incomes initially given by Michael the Brave and later, by his descendants, would reach Simonopetra. According to those times, to reinforce this acta, at the end of the document there are curses upon all those who dare to violate the stipulated provisions. Thus was build one of the most important and richest monasteries in Bucharest.
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