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Alimentarea cu energie electrică şi gaze naturale a oraşului Bucureşti

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Excerpt Signs pointing to the modernization of Bucharest were present ever since the first decades of the 20th century. Among these we mention the following: the installation of
an electricity-based lighting system, the connection of houses to this same electrical grid, the supplying of natural gases, used in household activities, as well as a promotion of electronic devices and domestic appliances on the market of the time.
Almost all of the accomplishments in the field which met the minimal requirements for a city also bearing the title of Capital came to be thanks to the initiatives of engineer
Nicolae Caranfil, the Director of two important enterprises: The General Gas and Electricity
Society of Bucharest, that harnessed and exploited electricity and natural gas produced by coal, and The Bucharest Communal Industrial Plant, which took care of the water supply and sewage system.
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  • Bucureşti - Materiale de Istorie şi Muzeografie; XXX; anul 2016
    • Bucureşti - Materiale de Istorie şi Muzeografie; XXX; anul 2016
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