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Straja Ţării

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Excerpt Throughout his ascension towards the absolute power in Romania, King Carol 2 took all due measures to found several institutions and organizations directly subordinated to the monarchy. The Romanian youngsters were not omitted from his views, so, according to the king’s projects, the youngsters between 7 and 21 years were obliged to join a special youth organization called Straja Ţării, which cannot be identified with any other organization, as it had its special and typical defining features. It was a national, spiritual and sports activity, devoid of the military involvement of the Cercetasii României organization. The organization was controlled by the state and was obligatory. The authorities had in view four elements, concerning the education of the youth: cultivating the national consciousness, the moral consciousness, civic and social, sports, aiming at building lifetime ideals and a way of living based by self-discipline, strong will, enthusiasm, activism, comradeship, disposition for mutual help. After king Carol abdicated, and with the beginning of World War II, the role of the organization decreased. The communists annulled all previous youth organizations, replacing them by communist ones. Straja Ţării and Cercetaşii României were to be foreshadowed by the Pioneers and Şoimii Patriei organizations.
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    • Bucureşti - Materiale de Istorie şi Muzeografie: Bucureşti-MIM; XXI; anul 2007
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