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Descoperiri arheologice din secolelele III şi V la Bucureşti-Militari "Câmpul Boja"

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Excerpt The archaeological site from Bucharest, Militari quarter, Câmpul Boja Street was
discovered by C. S. Nicolăescu Plopşor at the beginning of the third decade of 20th
Archaeological diggings were undertaken in three stages: 1958, 1960-1961
(conducted by Vlad Zirra), 1978-1985 (conducted by Mioara Turcu) and 1994, 1996-
1999, 2001 (conducted by myself).
This archaeological site contains settlements from the Neolithic (Boian culture),
Bronze Age (Glina culture, Militari cultural group and Tei culture), Early Iron Age, 2nd-1st centuries BC, 3rd century AD, 5th-7th, 10-11th and l8-l9th centuries.
In the autumn of 2001, the archaeological diggings were concentrated in the D
sector from the west part of the site. Three pits were discovered from the 3rd century
AD (Gr. 27-29) and a dwelling (B. 24) from the 5th century AD. Also, pottery fragments
were found of the Tei culture from the Bronze Age.
Two of the pits (Gr. 27-28) were conical and the other one was biconical (Gr.
29). They contained hand-made and wheel-made pottery fragments, burned clay and
wood fragments and animal bones. Inside Gr. 28 a bronze fragment of buckle was found.
A coin emitted in the Hadrianic period was found inside the 3rd century level. I mention
that it is very used, and can not support the dating of the settlement earlier, that it was
dated before (middle and third quarter of the 3rd century AD).
The B. 24 dwelling had a trapezoidal form with rounded corners. In one corner
it had a kitchen kiln in the excavated earth. It contained hand-made and wheel-made
pottery, calcite stones, burned clay and wood. The pottery supports the dating of this
dwelling from the 5th century AD. It is possible to be dated only in the first half of the
5th century, but this needs to be sustained by the future research.
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