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Câteva oseminte de cal ornamentate descoperite la Chitila - Fermă

Limba de redactare română
  • între secolele al II lea şi al V lea (perioadă de timp)
Excerpt The archeological excavations (2001-2002) at Chitila brought to light several horse bones, among which our attention was drawn by a few fragments of horse mandibles. On such fragments, small angular incisions were displayed on both sides of the bone. Their display suggests a schematized human figure, very similar to the black painted one identified on the walls of the Limanu cave. The horse bones were scattered both inside a dwelling and within the cultural layer, altogether with fragments of pottery, tools, weapons made of bronze, silver or iron. Among the above mentioned artifacts we note the presence of a bronze scepter and some coins dated to the lI-V centuries.
The horse bones might be correlated to the Dacian princely tombs from Agighiol and Peretu, and to the representations of horse and knight on helmets, funerary stones, coins, etc.
The ornaments on the horse bones might bear a magic, occult signification as they were engraved after the death of the animal. They create a bond between the horse and knight, through the legends created by their past common actions or future successes.
The anatomic parts and the clothing are represented in a particular style, on all the object
categories enumerated above but also on the monument at Tropaeum Traiani, on Trajan's Column or Dacian pottery, painted or incised. This particular style outlives the process of Dacian-Roman synthesis, in a close connection to the local prehistoric art, later transmitted to the early-Christian, medieval and even contemporary one.
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