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Efortul depus în vederea asigurării necesarului de armament, tehnică de luptă şi muniţii ale armatei române în anii neutralităţii (1914-1916)

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Excerpt Ensuring armament, combat means and ammunition for the Romanian Army during the neutrality years (1914-1916)
The adoption of a neutrality policy in July 1914, while preparations for joining the Entente were secretly underway, faced the Romanian Army with a critical situation. Before military support from the Quadruple Alliance would become effective in August 1916, and with deliveries from Germany and Austria-Hungary interrupted in 1914, Romania was forced to ensure army provisioning and equipping based on her own resources. Under the circumstances, the military decision-makers used Romania’s neutrality years (1914-1916) to correct as much as possible the drawbacks witnessed in the 1913 campaign and to modernize and strengthen the Romanian Army. On the outbreak of World War I Romanian economy was developed unevenly, while the scarce civilian and military industry depended on imported raw materials, therefore the need was felt for an Industrial Technical Commission, set up in March 1915, to coordinate activity in the field of war production. The mission of the commission, rebranded the Ammunition General Department in November 1915, was to take stock of and assess the capability of the state and private industry to assist war production. Apart from the mobilization of the national industry, imports were sought as well, for which purpose several military commissions were set up in December 1914. In early 1915, they got together under one umbrella called the Commission for Ammunition and War Materials Provisioning having its main headquarters in Paris and subcommissions in France, Great Britain, Switzerland, Spain and the USA. The commission sent deliveries to Turnu Severin, along the supply route France, Greece, Serbia, and, beginning from October 1915, after the invasion of Serbia, to lasi, via France and the Russian ports of Arkhangelsk, Murmansk and Vladivostok.
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