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Din Bucureştii de altădată: colecţionarul de artă dr. Iosif N. Dona şi familia sa

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Excerpt The Dona art collection can be classified within the tragically category of Bucharestan museums having already disappeared, or being extinct. First, its individuality was annulled by its inclusion in the newly founded Art Collections' Museum. Perhaps this situation was not so dramatic, as long as the objects continued to be exhibited to the benefit of the public. Nowadays, we witness the dismantling of the collection, in the name of private property. It is not, of course, the aim of the author to discuss the correctness of judgements based sometimes upon too „worldly" criteria, disregarding the more „celestial" ones, but it is not easy to ignore such irreparable losses caused to the inhabitants of Bucharest by the destruction of such an important art collection. The present belongs to conjectural interests and to elements of power, but the past belongs to historians, to people trying to preserve and study the collective and individual remembrance.
The Dona collection dates from before the totalitarian regime and was founded by doctor Iosif N. Dona, noted personality of the Romanian medicine. In 1950, in order to save the collection, the doctor and his wife donated it to the state. Thus, the collection was open to the public in their house, on 12th G-ral Nicolae Dona Street. A second donation was made by Maria (Maruca) Dona, in 1979, but there is doubt over whether this second donation was made willingly, or under the pressure of some institutions.
The museum existed between 1950-1978. After that date, its objects were integrated in the Art Collections Museum. For about five decades, this collection has charmed its visitors.
The minute investigations upon the life of the Dona family, completed with a series of archive documents, offer a touching image of how brilliant destinies of eminent people were being crushed by the ignorant intolerance of the communist regime eager to get even with whoever was considered a vulnerable exponent of the elite and the nobility.
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  • Bucureşti - Materiale de Istorie şi Muzeografie; XXI; anul 2007
    • Bucureşti - Materiale de Istorie şi Muzeografie; XXI; anul 2007
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