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Călătoria perpetuă – cufere, lăzi, bahuturi în patrimoniul Muzeului Municipiului Bucureşti

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Excerpt Many cultural instances have presented Life as a pilgrimage. On water or on land, be it real, onirical or imagined, even post-mortem, travel is a good metaphor
of what is called „the human condition”. Life is a voyage, Destiny – a road, Birth means coming into the world, Wedding means, a journey to the unknown of a new settlement, a new identity, and a new community; Death is a passage to the Kingdom come a.s.o. But roads
have been not only spiritual or allegorical, but also a part of the most concrete of the artificial realities meant to meliorate the harsh natural life conditions. The paper deals with some of the meanings revelated by a series of Bucharest Museum patrimony objects – trunks, coffers,
bahuts, suitcases – sinecdotically suggesting Voyages, the being-on-the-road hypostasis of people of yore, coming from different situations and various social media. Among these trunks, we find two, having belonged to the silversmith guild and to the seddlers’ guild of Cluj, an elegnt suitcase made in Toronto, and impressing coffer having belonged to painter Gheorghe Tattarescu, who must have used it on his journey abroad, as an apprentice painter.
Last but not least, dowry trunks represent an important kind of furniture present in most of the peasants’ homes – and in the Bucharest Museum collection as well.
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  • Bucureşti - Materiale de Istorie şi Muzeografie: Bucureşti-MIM; anul 2017
    • Bucureşti - Materiale de Istorie şi Muzeografie: Bucureşti-MIM; anul 2017
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