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Convorbiri cu un destin: Pompiliu Macovei

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Excerpt Conversation with a Destiny: Pompiliu Macovei
Not far from the Orthodox Metropolitan Church, on an old street still preserving an interwar-atmosphere, one can visit a rich private art collection recently donated to the Municipality Museum of Bucharest. Paintings (many of them - works of the collector's wife, Ligia Macovei), books, carpets, sculptures, icons, art and folk furniture, all the objects were collected according to one sole criterion: beauty.
The collector, Mr. Pomipliu Macovei, was horn in 1911, and is still - at his 9 years - a charming, elegant presence and an eager conservationist, owning a vivid memory of his epoch. The interviewers confess they hardly knew what to admire – the magnificent house, the rich collection or the erudition of their host. The introduction presents a brief biography of Mr. Pompiliu Macovei who activated as the Capital's Chief Architect, counselor of the Romanian Embassy in Paris, Romanian ambassador in Rome, deputy minister of the Romanian Foreign Ofice, Minister of Culture, Romanian ambassador at UNESCO.
The interview records facts and mainly names of personalities active in the dense past in the cultural history of Bucharest, a past skillfully pointed out by the two interviewers.
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  • Bucureşti - Materiale de Istorie şi Muzeografie: Bucureşti-MIM; XVIII; anul 2004
    • Bucureşti - Materiale de Istorie şi Muzeografie: Bucureşti-MIM; XVIII; anul 2004
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