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Grădina Botanică din Bucureşti

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Excerpt The Botanical Gardens of Bucharest
One of the most beloved entertainment and study places in Bucharest, the botanical Gardens were founded in 1860, as part of the Medicine School. By 1874, it was moved in front of the University, not far from the Soutzou Palace. In 1884, lls Director, prof. dr. Dimitrie Brândză managed to obtain the necessary area and funds to build a new garden, on its present location.
Prof. dr. Dimitrie Brândză was an outstanding scientific personality – he studied medicine at the Faculty of Paris, which he brilliantly graduated. He was a vice-president of the Romanian Academy between 1893 - 1895.
Prof. dr. Dimitrie Brândză is the author of numerous works, he was a naturalist, physician, botanist. His abnegation in creating and managing the Botanical Gardens is still effective, in the beauty and complexity of the vegetal collections comprising items coming from all over the world, displayed in an elgant setting.
The severe bombardment of April 4th, 1944 caused terrible damages – 800 people were killed there, including the botanist dr. Aurelian Vlădescu and the chief-gardener Neuwirth, who was buried alive.
New efforts were made, to restore everything, so that visitors can still enjoy the magical beauty of the place.
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    • Bucureşti - Materiale de Istorie şi Muzeografie: Bucureşti-MIM; XVIII; anul 2004
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