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Popina de la "Mihai Vodă", vatră de istorie multimilenară

Limba de redactare română
  • între secolele al XVIII lea şi al XX lea (perioadă de timp)
Excerpt The Mihai Vodă hill-millenary historical area
The author presents the evolution of the area throughout the centuries; the perimeter was situated inside the Medieval town, and was soon to be englobed (in the XVIIIth century) in the territory of the Old Princely Court known to the following generations as the Burnt Court. ln the XIXth century it was comprised within the city borders. ln the XXth century, it became part of the central zone of the Romanian Capital.
Centre of ancient spiritual, cultural but also material life, the place has housed Michael the Brave's monastery and, within the walls of this monastery, a series of institutions have functioned, among which the Estate's Archives. Harsh measures were taken in 1984, to move the church and the belfry. The rest of the complex was demolished by blasting with dynamite.
The author pledges for the preservation of the territory on which the saved relies to be brought back in place so that the whole assembly around them be remade. The complex may become a National Centre recalling the personality of the voivode Michael the Brave, and a suited place for the Archives Museum.
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  • Bucureşti - Materiale de Istorie şi Muzeografie: Bucureşti-MIM; XIII; anul 1999
    • Bucureşti - Materiale de Istorie şi Muzeografie: Bucureşti-MIM; XIII; anul 1999
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