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Colecţia de arme a Muzeului Municipiului Bucureşti

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Excerpt Weapons in the Collection of the Municipality Museum of Bucharest
Throughout the centuries, weapons have been evolving according to the changes in the socio-political environment. The increasing threats coming from dangers arisen at the borders, determined the Romanians' concern about their military means of defense. Increasing sums of money were invested in organizing the local army and endowing it with appropriate tools. The development of a professional army was an important aim for many rulers, hut the traditional „great army" made of non-professionals, was in use for a long time.
Each century had its typical weapons: swords, daggers, clubs, spears, lances, battle axes were gradually replaced by guns, pistols, cannons, harquebuses, so that traditional protective devices such as shields or armors became ineffective. Instead, the revolver, the automatic pistol, the rifle, the bayonet were more adequate to the realities of the fighting techniques. Yet, the sword remained in the troops' endowment until the 20th century, while other old types of weapons became collection items reserved for decorative panoplies.
The Municipality Museum of Bucharest stores over 750 patrimony weapons and accessories, grouped in two distinct collections: the archaeology one and the weapons collection properly. Besides fighting weapons, the collection also comprises hunting weapons, duel cases, foils and other sports instruments. 30% of the collections duel represented by white weapons produced either in famous Occidental workshops, or by Oriental manufactures.
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  • Bucureşti - Materiale de Istorie şi Muzeografie: Bucureşti-MIM; XVIII; anul 2004
    • Bucureşti - Materiale de Istorie şi Muzeografie: Bucureşti-MIM; XVIII; anul 2004
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