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Incendii, epidemii şi calamităţi naturale în Bucureşti (1774-1834)

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Excerpt This article presents the impact of the natural disasters, fires and epidemics in the Bucharest, during 1774-1834.
The „Four Knights of the Apocalypse” (Cernovodeanu, 1993) had an important share in the demographic and urban development of the city, offering a „shocking spectacle of death”. Among them, the most impressive description is represented by the „mourning product plague” (Majuru, 2003, 198).
By analyzing the frequency of four types of disasters (fires, earthquakes, floods, epidemics), we find that Bucharest during 1774 and 1834 was facing the specific problems of a medieval city. From all these „knights of the apocalypse”, earthquakes were the only
phenomena that could not be controlled or predicted. Due to intense seismic activity in the Vrancea region, the frequency of the earthquake was large and they caused significant damage. The sources used for this article are quite varied: archival sources, studies, papers showing the history of Bucharest, journals of the foreign travelers who passed through the capital (Professor F.G. Laurençon Count Auguste de Lagarde, Stepan Fiodorovici Dobronravov).
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